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Rabbi Avrohom Tkatch

posted May 30, 2016, 7:37 AM by Beruriah Sawyer   [ updated Jun 23, 2016, 11:39 AM ]

With gratitude to Hashem, it gives us great pleasure to announce the appointment of Rabbi Avrohom Tkatch as the new Menahel (Principal) of Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael of Atlanta. Rabbi Tkatch will, G-d willing, assume his position at the start of the upcoming school year. 

Rabbi Tkatch comes to Ohr Yisrael after having served as Menahel and 12th Grade Rebbe at the Yeshiva of South Bend for 12 years, bringing many years of successful experience in yeshiva high school education and leadership. We have great hopes and much anticipation for the positive impact that Rabbi Tkatch's leadership will have on the future welfare of our beloved yeshiva.

Science Club and Model Beis Din

posted Mar 8, 2016, 7:07 AM by Beruriah Sawyer

On Thursday, the Science Club had the opportunity to visit Pratt Industries, an international corporation that takes recyclable materials from homes and businesses and turns them into paper. We got a tour by two managers throughout the mill watching the process as it takes place from beginning to end. It was amazing to see the machine and all of its works, from sorting out the paper from the materials that can't be recycled to the operation of applying hot steam to the materials in order to purify the stock and turn it into reusable paper. Thanks to Mr. Stephen Filreis for helping arrange this trip.
Yehudah Oppenheim, 12th Grade
Lander's Model Beis Din

A few eleventh and twelfth graders are preparing for this years Lander's Model Beis Din competition. This is the second year Ohr Yisrael is sending a team to compete at the Lander's campus in Queens, New York. Last's years team won third place in the competition. The team has to argue for one side of a complicated halachic question while another team argues for the opposite side and then visa-versa. This years question involves the permissibly of  taking a kidney from a person who is  mentally incapable of making a decision. The group is preparing for the competition with Rabbi Tendler and will be going up to Queens to compete later this spring.

Chanukah 5776

posted Dec 28, 2015, 9:35 AM by Beruriah Sawyer

Yeshiva Mesiba

Monday night, the Yeshiva held a mesiba to celebrate Chanukah. After filing into the dining room, we had some snacks as Yehuda Oppenheim and Daniel Filreis (both 12th Grade) gave Divrei Torah about the chag. Next we played Chanukah jeopardy, divided by classes. Finally, we went to the Beis Medrash, where Yehuda played some music as we danced. We had such a good time that nobody wanted to leave.
Yosef Spotts, 10th Grade

YOYA First Day Of School 2015-2016

posted Aug 21, 2015, 9:21 AM by Josh Lewis   [ updated Aug 21, 2015, 9:21 AM ]


Enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the first day back in Yeshiva. It has been thrilling to see the halls filled again with the energy and excitement of our boys ready to learn.
Yesterday we took an opening day fun outing to Treeetop Quest in Dunwoody, where the boys zip-lined through an obstacle course up in the trees. Besides for having a great time and experiencing getting to know one another outside of the traditional school setting, the boys learned much about overcoming fears, and about mastering new skills through experience, and trial and error. Even a massive thunderstorm could not dampen our spirits, and the day concluded with a BBQ back in Yeshiva complete with short kumsitz.

YOY Update

posted Jan 29, 2015, 9:00 AM by Josh Lewis   [ updated Jan 29, 2015, 9:03 AM ]

10th Grade Shabbaton in Charlotte


The 10th graders returned from a fabulous Shabbaton in Charlotte, North Carolina last week. Many thanks to Rabbi and Mrs. Oppenheim for hosting us and providing all of our Shabbos meals, to Rabbi and Mrs. Estreicher for leading the trip, and Eli Gray for driving and chaperoning. After a ruach- filled Shabbos, the boys took in some bowling and pizza Motzei Shabbos, and then spent Sunday in the North Georgia Mountains. It's safe to say not everything went exactly according to plans, but that too was a valuable life lesson for the boys - they made whatever adjustments were necessary and had a great time doing so! 
Roshei Yeshiva visit Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael 



As part of the Kollel Ner Hamizrach Opening event this past Tuesday, YOY had the opportunity to take advantage of the presence of two Roshei Yeshiva, HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky shlit"a, of the Philedelphia Yeshiva, and HaRav Malkiel Kotler shlit"a, of Lakewood. Our students greeted both of the Roshei Yeshiva as they arrived at the airport with song and dance and then hosted them in our Yeshiva for two brief talks. According to the Roshei Yeshiva, it was as inspiring for them to see our talmidim as it was for our talmidim to see them! 

YOY Update

posted Dec 15, 2013, 3:15 PM by Josh   [ updated Dec 15, 2013, 3:15 PM ]

Science and Art Intersect in Anatomy

By Dr. Mark Yates

Yerucham Levin (left) and Gershon Vegh (right) complete the first part of their artistic Anatomy project with a rendering of the skeletal system.

To augment their Anatomy and Physiology studies, the young men are using hands-on activities to further their knowledge of anatomical structure through a recreating each of the major body systems in life-sized illustrations of the muscle, nervous, circulatory, and other systems.


Medical art has long been a major learning tool in the health sciences, including the work of the great 20th century medical illustrator, Frank Netter M.D. However, its history extends much further back to the time of scientist/artist Leonardo Da Vinci who made astoundingly accurate drawings of gross human anatomy that have been used by many medical students ever since. 


The next time you are at the Yeshiva come by the 12th grade classroom and take a look at the medical illustration project in process.

The upperclassmen's Nervous System (left) and Muscular System (right) drawings.

Stocks and Bonds

By Mr. Edwin Hall

Mr. Warga (left) discusses stocks and bonds with (clockwise from upper-left) Yechezkel Estreicher, Gershon Vegh, Tzvi Berkowitz, Mr. Hall, and Michoel Bornstein.
Recently, Mr. Warga visited the Personal Finance class and spoke about timing and value of investing. He showed students several computer charts tracking the rise and fall of the DOW Jones Industrial Average since 2000 and illustrated how buying stocks at various points in time can yield different results. He also spoke about the value of different types of investments such as stocks, precious metals, and cash and how these investments are valued differently by different people. 

Mr. Warga also gave an account of his personal experience of being in New York City on September 11, 2001, and witnessing the destruction of the World Trade Center.

We are grateful to Mr. Warga for sharing his experience and expertise.

Chanukah Mesibah 
Rabbi Gopin delivers a holiday-themed D'var Torah that connects mesirus nefesh, Chanukah, and the New England Patriots.
Two Mondays ago YOY celebrated Chanukah with a mesibah. After some joyous singing, Rabbi Gopin spoke about mesirus nefesh, tying it into the Chanukah story. The festive gathering concluded with spirited dancing and maariv in the Beis Medrash.
Dancing in the Beis Medrash.

YOY Update

posted Dec 5, 2013, 1:39 PM by Josh   [ updated Dec 5, 2013, 1:46 PM ]

YOY Shabbaton

This past week, YOY took a trip down to Indian Creek State Park for a Shabbaton. Filled with lots of fun and learning, the Shabbaton was a huge success.

Thursday we loaded up the U-Haul and got ready to drive down. Below, Ben Bogart and Danny Lewis load up boards for the eruv into the truck.

With the U-Haul loaded and everyone ready, we davened Mincha and head out toward Flovilla, GA.

Above, this gorgeous lake rests beside the bunk houses.

After settling in and having a delicious deli sandwich dinner, we had color war breakout and played a game of floor volleyball as our first activity - imagine playing volleyball while sitting down, and two tables stacked on top of each other instead of a net!


Friday didn't disappoint for fun, either. A few students davened vasikin and went fishing before having breakfast.

The morning brought games of volleyball (this time standing up), football, and a few other sports. Below, a heated game of volleyball.


Afterwards, we set up the eruv, which surrounded the dining hall, the Beis Medrash, and two of the staff cabins, prepared for Shabbos, and welcomed some of our new arrivals.

At night, after a delicious chicken and kugel Shabbos se'udah, we split up into our Color War teams and discussed three ways to respond to a person with ideas we don't agree with and then make up a skit using these three ideas - bonus points for humor.

Some of the skits included: A screaming match settled by "eenie-meenie-minie-moe"; a man arguing with himself; and a heated debate ending in a hand in a cast.

Below, the cover page of the packet we discussed.


After all the arguments were settled, we had a delicious oneg Shabbos consisting of cholent and other yummy goodies, followed by a nice kumsitz to finish off another fun day on the Shabbaton.


Shabbos day started with a melodic Shacharis (yasher koach to Akiva Hiller for leining). Afterwards, we had a quick kiddush and went to the 'Beis' for a bekius seder, followed by another delicious deli meal.

After lunch we had an afternoon of rest - or games, depending on which bunkhouse you were in.

After a short Gemara seder and Mincha, we had Shaloshudis, followed by some divrei Torah, and then Ma'ariv and Havdalah.

But the fun doesn't stop there - Motza'ei Shabbos brought a heated game of Gaga, followed by a barbeque and bonfire kumsitz.


Above, top: Several bachurim eagerly stand around Danny Lewis, waiting for the hamburgers and hot dogs to be ready. Above, bottom: Many kids sing a harmonious tune around the bonfire. 


Sunday morning brought another vasikin minyan with a game of football following. The day brought some more fun, despite all the packing that morning. After lunch, we set out to return to society.


Below, the Yeshiva poses in front of the dining hall before we left.


Ohr Yisrael seems to be the only place where good things don't have to come to an end - a week later, and students are still talking about how much fun they had!

YOY Update

posted Nov 18, 2013, 7:14 AM by Josh

Father & Son Learning
Ohr Yisrael's new Father & Son program brings a buzz to the Beis Midrash on Thursday nights. Fathers come to learn with their sons, reviewing Gemara from 8:00 to 8:45 PM. After maariv, fathers are invited to a shiur given by Rabbi Adler, and there's cholent too!
Above, the Bogarts (top left), the Lewises (front left), and the Steeles (right) learn together.

Dream On! 

Last night, Rabbi Binyamin Sloviter, an outreach professional from the Atlanta Scholars Kollel, spoke about dreams and nightmares in Jewish thought. Above, many students crowd into the 10th Grade classroom to hear him speak. 
Brownies for Shabbos
Last week, the 9th Grade learned halachos about preparing food for Shabbos. To illustrate their kowledge, they had a brownie bake-off: Who could make instant brownies the quickest and still taste good. Above, left, Ephraim Rodbell and Tuli Garfinkel race against the clock, just behind Aaron Lewis and Moshe Yitzy Estreicher, right.

YOY Update

posted Nov 8, 2013, 8:17 AM by Josh   [ updated Nov 8, 2013, 8:17 AM ]

Community Mishmar

Thursday night is Mishmar night! The YOY bachurim get together with the TDSA students to review what they learned in class, learn the weekly parsha, or move ahead in whatever tractate they wish. Airheads and raffles add to the weekly excitement.
Above, Avrumi Lewis learns with Binyomin Freundlich and DJ Warga.
Cocoa Club
For fifteen minutes before davening, anyone who can get up early can come to the Beis Midrash to learn a few halachos. Every day, Rabbi Tendler hosts the "Cocoa Club" for the early birds, where kids can learn a few se'ifim of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch as well as have a cup of hot chocolate before shacharis.
Topics that will be covered this month include preparation for davening, laws of Shema and Shemoneh Esrei, and laws of a synagogue and Beis Midrash.
Above, Rabbi Tendler learns with 13 early risers.
Guitar Club
Sometimes it's inside, sometimes it's outside, but one thing's for sure: at 4:00 every day, you'll hear some lovely stringed music from somewhere at the Yeshiva. Mr. Hall teaches guitar, mandolin, and banjo during the afternoon break for everyone who wants. Want to join, even though you haven't yet? Don't fret, newcomers are always welcome. 
Above, Mr. Hall conducts a session with Tzvi Berkowitz, Michoel Bornstein, Ahron Shmuel Wiggins, Yosef Kurewowsky, Gavi Boroosan, and Ben Bogart.

Touro Visit
Last week, Touro College came to talk to the upperclassmen
about their college programs and the classes they offer in Judaics and General Studies.

YOY Update

posted May 10, 2013, 11:56 AM by Josh

Retreat at Hideaway Mountain, Tennessee

Retreat 2013 BBQ
retreat whole school pic 
The Yeshiva just returned from a fabulous retreat at the foot of the Smoky Mountains. The exciting program included rapid river tubing, a discussion about the Torah's perspective on violence, and  BBQ overlooking wondrous Wear's Valley. 

Lag Ba'Omer 5773
Yeshiva students together with adults and children from the community  participated in the annual Ohr Yisrael Lag Ba'Omer bonfire. Inspiring singing and dancing marked the yartzeit of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.  

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