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Science Club and Model Beis Din

posted Mar 8, 2016, 7:07 AM by Beruriah Sawyer

On Thursday, the Science Club had the opportunity to visit Pratt Industries, an international corporation that takes recyclable materials from homes and businesses and turns them into paper. We got a tour by two managers throughout the mill watching the process as it takes place from beginning to end. It was amazing to see the machine and all of its works, from sorting out the paper from the materials that can't be recycled to the operation of applying hot steam to the materials in order to purify the stock and turn it into reusable paper. Thanks to Mr. Stephen Filreis for helping arrange this trip.
Yehudah Oppenheim, 12th Grade
Lander's Model Beis Din

A few eleventh and twelfth graders are preparing for this years Lander's Model Beis Din competition. This is the second year Ohr Yisrael is sending a team to compete at the Lander's campus in Queens, New York. Last's years team won third place in the competition. The team has to argue for one side of a complicated halachic question while another team argues for the opposite side and then visa-versa. This years question involves the permissibly of  taking a kidney from a person who is  mentally incapable of making a decision. The group is preparing for the competition with Rabbi Tendler and will be going up to Queens to compete later this spring.