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posted Jun 3, 2011, 11:44 AM by Josh Lewis

Science Career Forum 

Career Forum

Yeshiva parents, Dr. Fier (psychiatrist), Dr. Hirsch (pharmacist), and Dr. Yaffe (oncologist) spoke to students about their science based careers. These presentations helped students connect their studies to daily life and the modern workplace.

Sponsorship Opportunity 



Please consider taking part in dedicating the Torah learning at the Yeshiva on Shavuos night.

For a minimum donation of $36 we will post your name and/ or dedication in the halls of the school.


Have a part in our learning and support the Yeshiva.



Phone the office at 404-320-1444 or emailBeruriah@ohryisrael.  

Rabbi Itamar Schwartz  

Rabbi Schwartz  

  Rabbi Itamar Schwartz is well known for his inspirational sefarim in both Hebrew and English. During his recent visit to Atlanta, Rabbi Schwartz spoke about making Torah the essence of our lives.