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posted Mar 8, 2013, 11:46 AM by Josh

Insurance Underwriters

Hall Fire Assessment

Mr. Hall's Personal Finance class has studied insurance principles and several different types of insurance.  The boys have investigated what happens "behind the scenes" when an underwriter looks at an application for property/casualty insurance from an individual, business, or school.  The class recently put themselves in the position of field underwriters and completed a survey of hazards of their Yeshiva building and grounds.

Courtroom Drama

The ninth grade honed their acting skills by recreating the characters and tension of 12 Angry Men by Sherman L. Sergel. As the deliberations of a capital murder case unfold, the story quickly becomes a study of the jurors' complex personalities, preconceptions, backgrounds and interactions.
Taking a Dive

As part of their study of the properties of gases and liquids, the 10th grade class went on a field trip to a local scuba diving shop. Diving World is the oldest dive shop in the southeastern United States and is owned by George Krasle M.D., a specialist in diving medicine. The young men were given a tour of the shop as well as the connected diving museum. Dr. Krasle, who has worked with scuba device inventor Jacques Cousteau, deftly weaved lessons in chemistry into tales from his long career as an undersea adventurer and scientist.

Ner Yisrael Llights Up Ohr Yisrael
Ner Yisrael guys
Once again we are privileged to have beis midrash students from Yeshivas Ner Yisrael enhance our learning environment. These young men learn with YOY students throughout the day and night, and have significantly added to the positive ruach of the Yeshiva.
Pictured from left to right: Binyamin Levinger, Yehoshua Winchell, Yisrael Schwartz and Shalom Weiss