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posted Dec 28, 2012, 10:29 AM by Josh

Rabbi Garfield Visits

Rabbi Yerachmiel Garfiled, former Assitant Menahel and 9th Grade Rebbe, spent time with Ohr Yisrael students during a visit to Atlanta. He addressed the entire Yeshiva about the seemingly doomed relationship of brothers throughout the Torah.

YOY Reunion in Israel
Israel 2012  
Over twenty students who learned at Ohr Yisrael gathered together with Rabbi Shimon Wiggins during Chanukah. The mesibah took place in Yerushalyim and provided a meaningful opportunity  to reconnect.
Geometry Comes Alive
Mr. Twiggs Project  Geometry students under the guidance of Mr. Twiggs, constructed model homes and schools applying principles learned in class. The projects were presented in class and critiqued by teachers and students.