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posted Jan 4, 2013, 10:51 AM by Josh

National Honor Society
NHS 2012
This year's NHS students were recently inducted at a school-wide event.  Seniors, Jacob Schonland (far right) and Solomon Barayev (Far left) welcome two new Juniors  Michoel Bornstein (middle left) and Noam Garfinkel (Middle right). To become a member of NHS, one must meet high standards in scholarship, character, service and leadership.

Farewell Mr. Twiggs
Farewell Mr. Twiggs    
The Yeshiva gathered together to bid farewell Mr. Twiggs who left his teaching position at YOY. As the backbone of our math department for the past eight years, Mr. Twiggs was admired and respected by all. After much contemplation, he accepted a position as a senior business analyst for the City of Atlanta. We wish him much success in his future endeavors.

Super Suspension Project
Bridge Project 2012(L-R) Solomon Barayev, Shlomo Zelman, and
Noam Garfinkel presented the suspension
bridge that they created by applying concepts from trigonometry.

Chazarah, Chazarah, Chazarah
Chazarah chazarah chazarah and chazarah   Some of our students have begun a new learning program that emphasize review (chazarah) during the learning process. In Bekius (Talmud proficiency), they review the topic they have learned 4 times during night seder. This successful program was started by Rabbi Dovid Neuman in Monsey, NY, and includes various incentives for students to maintain the pace and schedule of review.