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posted Jan 13, 2012, 11:04 AM by Josh

Geometry Project


Building a school is no simple task, if you ask any Geometry student. 9th and 10th grade Geometry students are building model schools and houses under the direction of Mr. Rosco Twiggs, Jr.

Torah Discussions


Every week, a student 

in Rabbi Adler's 12th 

grade Gemara Shiur prepares 

a Chabura (Talmudic discourse) 

to present to the rest of the 

class. Senior Yitzi Wiggins spent 

many hours in preparation for 

his upcoming Chabura.

The World of Divingdiversworld

Dr. Yates' 10th grade Chemistry class visited Diving World USA, the oldest scuba store in Georgia, where Dr. George Krasle spoke about the uses of air compression in scuba diving.